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Intrepid Fox

We build Generative AI powered solutions utilizing all the leading technologies and models

Meta AI

We take over tedious process of customer data collection and verification

KYB 10x faster and 50% more cost-effective for banks and fintech companies

Use cases

Making periodic compliance update effortless and efficient

KYC files refresh

Helping compliance officers to manage loads of suspicious transaction alerts

Transaction monitoring

Making document collection from your customers for KYB effortless

Business customers onboarding


Provides a summary report and verifies data points for a human to make a final decision

Collects all documents, checks and clarifies them 

AI Solution speaks with bank's customers in a chat

onboarding AI assistant


20 years in Fintech and in top banks like Citi and RBI. Managed £200M+ turnover businesses. Former CEO of a UK-based fintech with extensive x-border expansion. EMBA from London Business School.

Deniss Skokovs

28-year career in various sectors of Banking and Finance. Managed substantial retail banking business, leading a team of 5,000 and managing relationships with 2 million private and 200,000 small business customers.

Roman Zilber

Founding team with 50+ years of combined experience in banking and fintech

Supported by

AWS startups
Microsoft for startups
Google for Startups
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